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Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis 2016 Edition

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

The 2016 edition of Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis has been completely rewritten and updated. The new book is 698 pages, with 49 chapters that discuss many more aspects of nutritional balancing and the clinical use of hair mineral analysis for assessment of body chemistry. The book is divided into 7 separate sections for ease of use, and has a lengthy index as well as several hundred more references.

All areas of the book have been updated to reflect newer research in: hair mineral analysis, nutritional balancing science, mental and emotional health conditions, physical health conditions, new hair analysis patterns, and an expanded mineral section. New sections also discuss practical business and legal aspects of operating a nutritional balancing practice.


Suggested Reading (Soft Cover)


Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Sixteen chapters of information which covers many aspects of the legality of nutritional counseling, including understanding occupational licensing laws, how to conduct a practice, words to avoid, problems with licensing, practice options and constitutional rights.


Manual of Sauna Therapy

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Fifteen chapters cover benefits, physiological effects, protocol, cautions, healing reactions and many other aspects of sauna therapy for healing of physical and emotional conditions. Includes construction plans for a low-cost electric light sauna and extensive references.


The Real Self

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

This small book is packed with principles and exercises for positive living based on spiritual teachings and ancient mystical principles. Each chapter offers practical exercises at the end to help put the principle into practice. Working with these timeless principles and doing the exercises will change any life. Forty short chapters explore major problems of living and offer a spiritual perspective.


Toxic Metals in Human Health and Disease

This collection of articles written by Dr. Paul C. Eck and Dr. Lawrence Wilson contains clearly written sections of detoxification of six heavy metals; Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Aluminum, Iron and Copper. Methods include nutritional chelating agents, antagonistic nutrients and how energy levels are enhanced to remove each toxic metal from the body. Complete with references.


Who Gets Sick, Thinking and Health

By Blair Justice

Who Gets Sick is an informative, fascinating and highly readable book about the effects of the mind on health and disease. The book is divided into sections: Germs and Health, Neurotransmitters, Coping, Vulnerability and Self-Repair. Chapters discuss the effects of optimism, pessimism, love and hostility on the body. This book will provide deep insights and is highly recommended.


Booklets & Brochures

Complete Set of Mineral Fact Sheets (Mineral Reference Guide)

This set of quick reference sheets contains sources, functions, deficiency and excess symptoms, hair analysis indicators and supplementation notes for each mineral on a hair analysis. Toxic metals as well as the vital minerals are included in the set of 20 fact sheets.

$5.00/set of 20

Endo-Met Laboratories Product Catalog

Complete listings of ingredients, %RA, suggested dosages and packaging quantities of entire vitamin and mineral product line.

No Charge

What Can Hair Analysis Reveal? (Analytical Research Labs)

A quick, easy-to-read brochure explaining Hair Analysis. Discusses why hair is analyzed, causes of mineral deficiencies and excesses and early physical signs of mineral deficiencies or imbalances. Excellent for waiting room.

No Charge

Healthview Newsletter Reprint

The Healthview Newsletter Reprint of Issues #27-29

By Sam and Loren Biser

Described as "A Beginning Course on Energy and Minerals", this specially condensed triple-issue explains "How Increasing Your Energy Enhances Your Health, Emotions, Personality and Your Ability to Achieve Success and Happiness."


Seminar CD's

#1) Part One - Hair Analysis and the New Nutrition
Presented By Dr. Paul C. Eck and Dr. Lawrence Wilson

There is no doubt that nutrition and its relationship to the maintenance of health is getting more attention than ever before in history. Facts and figures contained within Dr. Eck's research provide the answers to the major questions asked by doctors and patients alike and his methods and techniques have revolutionized the use of vitamin and mineral supplementation for correcting metabolic disturbances. His studies have revealed how the utilization of Hair Analysis can determine oxidation types through trace mineral patterns and how, based upon these patterns, physiological and even emotional imbalances can be corrected with proper diet and nutritional supplementation. These cassette tapes were produced from the first of a two-part seminar series which was presented in March 1985.

Part One Pre-Seminar Study Cassette Tape Set in a Vinyl Binder

Tape 1 Introduction to Hair Analysis and The New Nutrition.
Tape 2 Biochemical Energy, The Energy Pathway and Oxidation.
Tape 3 Principles of Hair Analysis Interpretation.
Tape 4 Principles and Techniques of Correcting Body Chemistry.
Tape 5 Practical Aspects and Use of Nutritional Products.
Tape 6 Understanding Retracing and Healing Reactions.


#1a) Part One Seminar Series CD Set in a Vinyl Binder
CD 1 Explanation and Philosophy of the ARL Nutrition Program.
CD 2 Theory and Principles Underlying the New Nutrition Program.
CD 3 How to Determine The Disease Trends. 90 min.
CD 4 How to develop a Supplement Program and the Rationale for Determining Individual Supplements.
CD 5 The Diet Plan and the Use of Foods to favorably Balance Body Chemistry.
CD 6 Review of Patient Case Histories (Part 1) with Special Emphasis Placed on Dysfunction Associated with Copper Toxicity such as Behavioral Problems, Hyperactivity, Autism, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Depression and Anxiety.
CD 7 Review of Patient Case Histories (Part 2).
CD 8 The Retest Plan: Importance of Monitoring Progress.
CD 9 Nutrition and Emotions — the Psychological Profile (Part 1).
CD 10 Nutrition and Emotions — the Psychological Profile (Part 2).
CD 11 Lifestyle and Interactions with Other Therapeutic Modalities.
CD 12 Nutrition Counseling — Incorporating the Program Into Your Practice.
CD 13 Questions and Answers.

#2) Part Two - Hair Analysis and the New Nutrition (Focusing on Adrenal Burnout)
Presented By Dr. Paul C. Eck and Dr. Lawrence Wilson

This CD series examines the physiological and psychological effects of adrenal burnout and reviews the principles of biochemical balancing and the use of Hair Analysis to promote recovery from burnout. It was produced from the second of a two-part seminar series which was presented in September, 1985.

Part Two Seminar Series CD Set in a Vinyl Binder

CD 1 Introduction.
CD 2 Biochemical Balancing and Hair Analysis.
CD 3 Introduction to Adrenal Burnout.
CD 4 Biochemistry of Adrenal Burnout.
CD 5 Psychological Effects of Adrenal Burnout.
CD 6 Hypoglycemia as Part of Burnout Syndrome.
CD 7 Interpersonal Effects of Burnout.
CD 8 Psychological Disorders Associated with Copper.
CD 9 Case Histories (Part 1).
CD 10 Case Histories (Part 2).


Article List

Reprints are available Through Analytical Research Labs at a minimal charge of:$2.50 each.
  • All-Four-Low Macro-Minerals
    Four low electrolytes represents a particular type of burnout with special needs. This article discusses both physical and psychological aspects of this unique metabolic pattern, and correction of the four-lows pattern by nutritional methods.
  • Why The Outbreak Of Candida Albicans?
    This comprehensive article details the metabolic imbalances which contribute to candidiasis, including copper imbalance, zinc deficiency, impaired energy production, sugar and carbohydrate intolerance and other factors not mentioned in the popular yeast books.
  • Glossary Of Terms Used In Biochemical Balancing Science
    This guide defines the language and terms of biochemical balancing science, including definitions of oxidation rates, all terms related to hair analysis interpretation, types of healing reactions, homeostasis, etc.
  • New Concepts In Hyperactivity
    Many biochemical factors can contribute to hyperactive behavior. This paper covers the effects of stimulants, adrenal exhaustion, toxic metals, allergies, glucose imbalances, stress, oxidation types, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and diet.
  • New Insights Into Osteoporosis
    Why the recent rise in osteoporosis? This in-depth paper covers many metabolic causes of osteoporosis, including effects of the toxic metals lead and cadmium, adrenal gland exhaustion, copper toxicity, parathyroid imbalance, magnesium deficiency, acidosis, and pantothenic acid deficiency.
  • Positive Thinking - A Biological Concept
    How does body chemistry specifically affect our self esteem, quality of thoughts, emotions, and ability to succeed? This paper discusses energy patterns of the different metabolic types of individuals, and how food and body chemistry affect mental health.
  • The Burnout, Hypoglycemia, Obesity Connection
    There is a strong connection between adrenal burnout and many common conditions, including hypo-glycemia, obesity, anorexia, and alcoholism. This paper discusses those relationships, and how adrenal burnout is the underlying pathology which leads to so many common debilitating conditions.
  • Sugar and Carbohydrate Intolerance
    Consumption of refined sugar and excessive carbohydrates has many detrimental affects on body chemistry. This article briefly reviews the medical literature on sugar consumption, foods high in sugar, useful references, and the physiological changes noted on hair tests in relation to sugar consumption.
  • Metabolic Aspects of Hypertension
    While the majority of hypertension cases are classified as essential, through nutritional approaches we can identify and correct at least six or seven different causes of elevated blood pressure, including heavy metal toxicity, calcification of arteries, sodium/potassium imbalance, and excessive arterial muscle tone.
  • My Experience With Copperheads
    Excessive tissue copper levels, as revealed on tissue mineral tests, are reaching epidemic proportions. What are the effects of this modern affliction on a person's physical and emotional health? This paper is a very personal account of Dr. Eck's experience and observations with many copper toxic individuals - what they feel & how they are forced to live.
  • Tissue Minerals and Associated Emotional States
    This article explores the research conducted by Dr. Paul Eck on the relation between one's emotions and individual mineral levels, mineral ratios, toxic metals, and mineral patterns such as slow and fast oxidation. An extremely complete and fascinating article on a totally new area of physiological psychology.
  • Vegetarianism - Is It The Right Choice?
    How do people really make the decision to become vegetarians? Today, many are obligatory vegetarians, that is to say, they cannot digest animal protein, due to specific imbalances in their body chemistry. This article explores vegetarian proteins, copper levels and vegetarianism, and two vegetarian case histories.
  • Vegetarianism & Body Chemistry: A Research Report
    This technical article discusses advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism, the biochemistry of vegetarianism, hair analysis patterns in vegetarians, copper toxicity as a causative factor in dietary selection and distaste for meat, and aspects of a vegetarian lifestyle from a biochemical viewpoint.
  • Arthritis - A Metabolic Approach
    This article covers the multiple causes of arthritis, arthritis indicators on a tissue mineral analysis, explanations of perplexing questions about rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, and why various 'folk remedies' help some arthritics.
  • Lead As A Cause Of Numerous Metabolic & Personality Dysfunctions
    Sources of lead, physiological and psychological affects of lead, and metabolism and detoxification of lead from the body are covered in this article. Also discussed are protective minerals and lead antagonists, and their importance in helping to remove lead from the body.
  • Introduction To Copper Toxicity
    By reviewing thousands of mineral analyses, Dr. Paul Eck has correlated the effect of copper on mental health, anorexia, menstrual problems, protein metabolism, and other metabolic dysfunctions. This article discusses the cause of copper imbalance as well as dysfunctions and the consequential interaction of copper with other minerals and vitamins.
  • New Insights About Diabetes
    A complete article on metabolic causes diabetes, symptoms, screening tests, mineral patterns and trends for diabetes, diet, supplements, and prevention of diabetes by nutritional means.
  • Basic Ratios and Their Meanings
    The five basic ratios revealed on a hair analysis are discussed in this seminar lesson. Knowledge of these ratios is central to understanding hair analysis. This lesson covers the calculation of ratios, normal and abnormal ranges for each ratio, oxidation rates, and the trends and symptoms associated with each.
  • Nutritional Aspects Of Stress
    Simplistically this article defines stress, internal and external, and explains how stress changes body chemistry and nutritional needs. Included are symptoms of each stages of stress, and how we evaluate stress based on a hair analysis. Suggestions for diet and nutritional supplements are provided for each stage of stress.
  • Adrenal Burnout Syndrome
    Adrenal Burnout Syndrome can cause many health complaints such as fatigue, allergies, and depression. This article explores the burnout syndrome - its definition, causes, signs and symptoms, effects on body chemistry, and how to recover from burnout through scientific nutrition programs.
  • New Knowledge About Premenstrual Syndrome
    This concise, complete review of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) covers causes, symptoms, and nutritional therapies for premenstrual syndrome. It contains a long section on dietary suggestions, as well as a section on lifestyle changes. Symptomatic remedies are discussed, as well as how nutrition programs designed to rebalance hormone levels can eliminate PMS permanently.
  • Nutritional Causes Of Allergies
    This clearly-written article discusses nutrient deficiencies and excesses as a cause of allergies, as well as causes for food allergies and central nervous system allergies. Recommendations for correction include dietary changes, supplementary nutrients, and complete nutrition programs.
  • The Great Cholesterol Mystery
    This articles challenges many common assumptions about cholesterol. Causes of elevated blood fats include stress, zinc deficiency, oxidant damage, cadmium toxicity and excessive carbohydrate consumption. Also discussed are the value of eggs, vegetable oils, margarine and cholesterol-lowering drugs. Numerous studies are cited and referenced to support a different view of the cholesterol controversy.
  • Insights Into Children's Health
    Tissue mineral research provides important insights into both the causes and means of correction of many of today's most common and costly conditions affecting newborns and children. These range from birth defects and failure to thrive to common infections and learning and behavior problems.
  • Insight Into Copper Elimination
    Years of experience in dealing with copper toxic individuals reveal that such individuals experience certain difficulties while on a nutritional correction program. During the correction of a copper imbalance, copper elimination frequently causes numerous transient symptoms. This research material provides important insights into the cause and, in some cases, the alleviation of such symptoms.
  • Hair Loss - A Growing Concern
    Hair loss, or alopecia is a common and embarrassing problem for many individuals. There are many reasons why hair loss occurs, including nutrient excesses and deficiencies, impaired circulation and hormonal imbalances. This research material provides important insights into the cause of hair loss.
  • Overcoming Obesity
    Why are so many people overweight, and why does one diet prove effective for one person but not for another? Why do some people eat relatively minuscule amounts of food, but gain weight easily? These are some of the many perplexing questions dealt within this research article.
  • Causes and Correction Of Psoriasis
    Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that affects over 5 million Americans each year. This concise, complete review of psoriasis reveals modern nutritional research which has yielded much safer and often more permanent ways to control and correct this common condition.
  • Adrenal Insufficiency
    One of the most common imbalances in our population today is underactivity of the adrenal glands. This abbreviated article covers definition of:, symptoms of, causes of, detection of, and correction of, an adrenal insufficiency.
  • Toxic Metal Elimination
    Nutritional balancing programs cause toxic metals to be eliminated using several methods simultaneously. These methods, along with the symptoms associated with toxic metal elimination are discussed in this concise article.
  • Nutrition and Weight Lifting
    This article covers the use of nutritional programs to enhance fitness and weight training. It includes compulsive exercise, adrenal exhaustion and exercise, dangers of the high-carbohydrate diet and the effect of body chemistry and metabolic types on strength and muscle mass.
  • Pregnancy and The Nutritional Balancing Program
    This concise article discusses aspects of the nutritional program during pregnancy, the need for additional supplementation, hazards of too much of any particular vitamin or mineral, toxic metal elimination during pregnancy, metabolism changes, dietary changes, nutritional considerations before pregnancy, and breast feeding and the nutritional program.
  • Nutritional Causes Of Headaches
    Headaches can be an annoying and debilitating symptom and have many causes. This article includes numerous nutritional causes of various types of headaches including tension, sinus, toxic metal, hypertensive, food sensitivities and retracing headaches.
  • Nutritional Aspects Of Depression
    Mental depression is one of the most common complaints today. While depression can certainly have psychological causes, our experience indicates that a surprisingly large percentage of depression today is associated with nutritional imbalances.
  • Nutritional Influences On Alzheimer's Disease
    Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a chronic, degenerative condition that affects over one million Americans. This article attempts to convey a number of hypotheses which have been related to the cause of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Common Misconceptions Associated With Salt
    Recently, many people have become concerned about excessive salt intake. The question is, how important is salt restriction? Are there times when salt is acceptable, and in what quantity? And finally, is all salt the same? Current advertising and health articles would lead us to believe that salt is harmful for everyone.
  • Nutritional Causes and Correction Of Insomnia
    Today the inability to sleep plagues millions of Americans. Rather than simply treating the symptom, nutritional research reveals that biochemical causes of insomnia can be addressed by nutritional therapy, often resulting in permanent alleviation of sleep difficulties.
  • All-Four-Low Macro-Minerals
    Recurrent infections, chronic infections and poor response to antibiotic therapy are common health problems today. Research by Analytical Research Labs for the past 20 years has shed light on some of the mechanisms of infection, the reasons for poor response to traditional therapy, and effective new approaches for overcoming infections.
  • Understanding Retracing and Healing Reactions
    During the course of a nutritional balancing program, at times a person may feel worse or experience an aggravation of symptoms. Such reactions are often prime indicators of improvement. This article discussion these reactions that occur due to a mineral balancing program. However, the principles can be applied to many other natural therapies.
  • Hypothyroidism
    Hair mineral analysis offers a simple, quantitative method for detection of thyroid impairment. It also can offer clues as to the nutritional causes for this common, but very important condition. This review of hypothyroidism covers causes, symptoms, and nutritional therapies for hypothyroidism.
  • Fatigue
    A prime function of the body is to produce energy from the food we eat. When biochemical energy production declines for any reason, the resulting symptom is fatigue. This article attempts to convey to the reader a number of causes and other related topics of fatigue.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
    This article will focus on what is known about children with ADD, and how they can be helped through simple methods that correct body chemistry.
  • Mechanisms Of Addiction
    Addiction is defined as an unhealthy attachment, habituation or dependency. This article examines some basic principles involved in addiction.
  • Cholesterol Controversy
    Medical authorities continue to recommend drugs and low-fat diets to reduce cholesterol. However, there is much more to the cholesterol story.
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