Sources Of Nickel

cigarette smoking nickel plating
commercial peanut butter oysters
herring tea
hydrogenated vegetable oils unrefined grains and cereals
imitation whip creams vegetable shortening
kelp vegetarian products
manufacture of: steel, batteries, machine parts, wire, electrical parts

How Nickel Affects The Body

Kidneys - nickel has a tendency to accumulate in the kidneys.
Hormone, Lipid and
Membrane Metabolism -
It is believed that nickel has some physiological role related to these functions.

Possible Conditions Associated With Nickel Toxicity

cancer, intestinal low blood pressure
cancer, oral malaise
heart attack muscle tremors, tetany and paralysis
hemorrhages nausea, vomiting
kidney dysfunction skin problems

Hair Analysis Notes

  • Normal nickel is about 0.1 mg% or lower.
  • More research is needed regarding the physiological roles and significance of hair levels of nickel.
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