Toxic Metals and Vaccines

Toxic Metals And Vaccines

A unknown source of hidden toxic metals for many children and even some adults may be from the administration of numerous vaccines. It is one possibility to keep in mind when discussing toxic metals with patients.

Vaccines are often linked to many conditions in which toxic metals play a role. These include but are not limited to autism, ADHD, Gulf War Syndrome, AIDS, cancer, diabetes and other ailments.

Which Toxic Metals Are Found In Vaccines?

Mercury is the best known toxic metal found in vaccines. It is the main ingredient in thimerisol, a chemical used to "sanitize" vaccines. This means that it is added to kill off contaminants that are found in almost all vaccines.

Vaccines are generally grown on animal organs, and the culture medium is sometimes contaminated with various bacteria, viruses, parasites and other foreign matter. Thus, toxic metals may be added to the vaccine to stabilize it and prevent the growth of unwanted organisms.

Lead and cadmium may be found in some vaccine preparations. They may exist as contaminants or even as components used to stabilize, preserve or sanitize the vaccine.

Aluminum may be added to vaccines as it is a known toxin to certain bacteria and may also have other uses as well.

Toxic Metals Not Always Revealed

On Hair Mineral Analyses

This occurs because the metals are sequestered deep within body tissues and time on a nutritional balancing program is required to mobilize the toxic metals. This is also the reason that symptoms may not resolve quickly in many people. It takes time on our program to replace the toxic metals with the vital minerals such as zinc, chromium and selenium.

How Much Toxic Metal Comes From Vaccines?

Each vaccine generally contains only a small amount of any particular toxic metal. Typical mercury exposure, for example, is between 25-100 mcg of mercury. This is the argument used by health authorities to justify the injection of toxic metals into young children.

However, a number of factors often combine to make the small toxic exposures found in vaccines a very important source of metals.

  • Rapid Uptake of Toxins. Many vaccines are given to very young children. Children's nervous systems and other body systems are in a rapid growth phase. Their thresholds for toxic metal exposure are much lower. For instance, the recommended exposure to mercury for a newborn is 1-4 mcg. Thus, a child receiving even one vaccine, exceeds the recommended exposure by some 4-20 times. The effects of multiple vaccinations are far greater.
  • Small Bodies. Children's bodies are small, so that what may appear to be a tiny dose has a much greater impact.
  • Cumulative Exposures. If only one or two vaccines were given, it would be far less problematic. However, by 2014, the CDC recommended that children get 69 doses of 16 vaccines between day of birth and age 18. Most states mandate that children get 29 doses of nine vaccines to attend kindergarten with children enrolled in daycare in many states required to get multiple doses of 13 vaccines. Each adds to the toxins of all the previous ones.
  • Combinations and Multiple Vaccines Given at One Time. Combinations of vaccines are often given at one time. According to the VICP website, combination vaccines such as the DPT, DaPT and MMR are among the most lethal vaccines. The federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) pays damage awards to parents who lose children to vaccine injury. Vaccine manufacturers have been released from this liability for some years, as they would otherwise stop producing many vaccines.

    Also, many times doctors give several individual vaccines to a child at once to save time and the cost of more doctor visits. A recent news report of an autistic child that was awarded damages by the federal government noted that the child had had seven vaccines at one doctor visit, after which she developed autism.

  • Congenital Toxic Metals. Hair analysis research indicates that most children today are born with a heavy presence of toxic metals. This occurs because their mothers have a considerable toxic burden and the toxic metals pass easily through the placenta. Even if the exposure due to vaccines is not that high, it is added to the already-existing toxic burden in the child.
  • No Safe Level of Exposure. Keep in mind that there is no safe level of toxic metals. Any exposure at all is detrimental to one's health.
  • Impaired Nutrition. Many children's diets today are deficient in essential trace minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Whenever the diet is low in essential elements, the child is more prone to the negative effects of toxic metals and other toxins.

Are Thimerisol-Free Vaccines Safer?

Some vaccines are offered in a thimerisol-free version. In theory, they should be safer. However, thimerisol-free, may mean simply that they contain less thimerisol, but not that the amount is zero. Also, one must beware of what might be substituted for thimerisol. It could be as toxic or possibly worse than thimerisol.

What To Do About This Problem?

We stand behind basic principles of health and healing. Reducing toxic metal exposure is always helpful for health. Increased exposure leads to hundreds of possible health problems.

We also know that a higher level of overall health will assist anyone to overcome any infectious disease. Vaccines, by introducing toxic metals and many other toxic chemicals used in their manufacture such as acetone and formaldehyde, may reduce the overall well-being of the person who is vaccinated.

Most infectious illnesses, including those for which vaccines are suggested, can be treated with conventional or natural means quite effectively. Even polio, for example, is benign in over 95% of cases. In fact, today most children who develop polio, whooping cough, and other common illnesses do so from their vaccine.

Also, studies in 2007 on vaccinated versus unvaccinated children reveal that vaccinated boys are more than twice as likely to develop autism and more than three times as likely to develop ADHD. More research on these topics is desperately needed.

Vaccinations may have been helpful years ago when sanitary conditions were poor and infectious diseases were rampant. Today, the epidemic of autism, ADHD and other "new" diseases is a far greater threat. We suggest that every parent, study the issue of vaccines very carefully. It may no longer be enough to listen to a pediatrician or health department. Below are some excellent resources to present both sides of the vaccine story.

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