Why We Recommend Specific Nutrient Formulas

Our core nutritional supplement recommendations are created with the goal of providing a complete and balanced program capable of offsetting or correcting imbalances as reflected in a hair tissue mineral analysis. This can only be achieved by recommending highly specific products and a calculated number of tablets/capsules. Of equal importance, are the reasons as to why we do not recommend a number of popular vitamin and mineral products. There is a wealth of research that is behind these recommendations and this bulletin will provide an insight into this highly selective process. The main considerations taken into account when this process is completed include metabolic patterns, nutrient mineral levels, nutrient mineral ratios, toxic metal levels, metabolic trends and the balance of yin and yang.

The Stages of Stress and The Oxidation Rate

Metabolic patterns such as the Stages of Stress and the Oxidation Rate are two important concepts that are woven into our nutritional balancing programs. These concepts focus on the stress theory of disease, put forth originally by Hans Selye, MD. Dr. Selye was a brilliant physician who realized that all bodies respond to stress in specific and predictable ways.

Dr. Paul C. Eck incorporated much of Dr. Selye's research and made it available in a form that the health care profession and public at large can readily appreciate. Dr. Eck also utilized the work of Dr. George Watson, PhD, Melvin Page, DDS and others, popularizing another important concept that is at the heart of our nutritional recommendations. This is the concept of oxidation rate or metabolic typing. This is one of the most basic concepts in healing and has much to do with the stress theory of disease as well.

Why We Recommend Metabolic Paks

The single most important dietary supplement consideration is to recommend the correct Metabolic Pak. This selection of this Pak is based upon one's oxidation rate and in the case of fast oxidation, the sodium/potassium ratio. There are three basic Metabolic Paks.

These products are formulated to take into account the overall condition of the body chemistry and to provide a foundation of support for a specific rate of oxidation. The dosages are specific strengths so that additional tablets can be provided in a case of excessive oxidation or smaller dosages to a milder oxidation rates.

Why We Recommend Specific Vitamins,
Minerals and Glandulars

Our selection of products for use in our nutritional balancing supplement programs is limited due to the exacting specificity required to complete this process. In our model of health, the body maintains a delicate balance of minerals. This is referred to as the mineral system of the body. When creating a supplement program, we must keep in mind that any recommendation of a mineral, vitamin and even some amino acids for that matter, will influence the entire balance in one direction or another.

Dr. Paul C. Eck learned about this balance from the soil and science research of Dr. William Albrecht at The University of Missouri. Dr. Eck incorporated these concepts into his theories and research on the interpretation of hair analysis results. This also helps explain how our bodies interact with nature.

We are careful to only recommend supplements that will balance the body chemistry, as revealed on a hair mineral analysis and will not influence the program in a negative fashion. This fact cannot be ignored without sacrificing the power of the program, even if one desires "immediate" results with a symptomatic approach.

Symptomatic and Replacement Therapies

Correcting the underlying body chemistry is far more important than attempting to focus on symptom-based approaches and mineral replacement therapies. It is a unique feature for those who want to go beyond symptomatic medicine and nutrition. Relying solely on symptomatic and replacement therapies is the standard in both medical and nutritional circles. This approach often leads to the masking of deeper problems, delayed health issues, rebound effects and more. There are however, instances where symptomatic approaches are utilized.

  • The patient may demand symptomatic relief. This is certainly understandable if the symptom is severe or the patient does not comprehend the importance of balancing body chemistry.
  • Symptomatic therapy, such as hormone therapy, may be the only way to approach a patient who experiencing difficulties complying with the necessary lifestyle changes.
  • Although rare, a symptom may be life-threatening and must be addressed immediately. Examples may include an overwhelming infection, very high blood pressure, arrhythmias or other similar situations. In these cases, it may be beneficial to resolve these immediate concerns prior to beginning a nutritional balancing program.
  • Symptomatic remedies that provide temporary relief may help convince a leery patient of the benefits of proper nutrition. This discovery alone is of great value and can also lead to the knowledge that nutritional balancing can be used in a much more effective way to alleviate many conditions. It is equally important that the patient not remain in a symptomatic treatment mode of thinking. This is often where patients and health care professionals remain, even after being exposed to the concept of balancing body chemistry.

Herbal Remedies

Herbs are incorporated into some of our products formulations. However, we have found that most herbs are not specific enough to meet our protocols. That is, they do not contribute to our efforts to balance body chemistry in the ways that we prefer. For example, nourishing the body with ginseng will enhance the rate of metabolism, but at the same time may provide to much stimulation in many cases.

Yin and Yang

The general accepted concept of yin and yang describes two opposing and, at the same time, complementary aspects of any one object or process. Yin qualities are often characterized as soft, slowness, cold, conserving, tranquil and gentle. Yang qualities are often characterized as hot, fire, restless, excitement and rapidity.

All things in life are to some degree yin or yang. This concept can also be applied to foods , nutritional supplements and balancing body chemistry. Slow oxidizers are far more yin than a true fast oxidizer.


We hope that this short presentation of our concepts help you better understand the reasons why we recommend a supplement with our Profile II. The underlying reason is that very few individuals can determine how to integrate all of the above material.

This is often cited as one of the major impediments to using hair tissue mineral analysis. It is simply too complex and often takes years and years of training to understand. We do have available numerous educational documents on the science of nutritional balancing for anyone who wishes to better understand this process.

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