Cleansing Problems


Many people inquire if cleansing programs are part of nutritional balancing and when cleansing should be done? Let us address this important subject.

What Are Cleanses?

A cleanse is a deliberate attempt to enhance the natural cleansing processes of the body. Fasting is perhaps the oldest and simplest type of cleanse.

Cleanses are characterized by a restricted diet and often the addition of herbs, bentonite, psyl­lium husks, juices, enemas, colonic irrigation, saunas or other procedures. Some cleanses are for a day, others for up to a month or more.

Restricting the diet reduces digestive effort. This may allow the body to use more of its energy to expel toxins. Other products may pull toxins from the intestine, such as bentonite clay or charcoal. Psyllium is a bulking agent that can help draw toxins out of the intestines.

Herbs can help expel worms, tone up the intestine and benefit organs such as the liver, kidneys, colon and others. Enemas, colonics and sweating are time-tested mechanical methods that can have marvelous effects upon health.

Some suggest a cleansing procedure once a day, once a week, or once a year. Some doctors recommend a cleansing period when one begins a health program.

Why Are Cleanses Not Part Of Our Nutrition Programs?

In fact, they are part of the program. Nutritional balancing programs approach cleans­ing from a deeper level.

It is easy to forget that the body does the cleansing, not some chemical or mechanical agent. If the body's energy is low, cleansing will not be as effective.

Balancing body chemistry to enhance energy is ignored in most cleansing programs. Yet we find it is a most important aspect of cleansing. It is an aspect of cleansing that is emphasized in the nutritional balancing programs.

However, additional cleansing programs and procedures may be helpful for clients with can­dida, parasites, constipation or other health condi­tions.

Recommendations For Cleanses

Here are some considerations and cautions regarding cleanses:

  • The body cleanses. A cleanse can only facilitate the natural cleansing mechanisms of our bodies. It is a common but important mistake to give credit to the procedure or diet, when more of the credit belongs to the body.
  • It takes energy to cleanse. If the body is out of balance and energy is low, the cleanse will be far less effective.
  • This is where hair analysis is helpful. At times a cleanse is indicated. Other times, balancing one's chemistry with diet and supplements is far more important and will cause powerful cleansing to occur. The two can be combined by adding extra supplements or a series of colonics. Prolonged use can make deficiencies worse. We have seen many instances in which repeated fasting or cleansing programs have worsened health by aggravating nutrient deficiencies.
  • Cleanses as a rule do not restore balance to the body. Some books would lead us to believe that if we would only cleanse our bodies, they will be back to normal. If only it were that simple!
    • Cleansing by itself will not provide lasting results if one returns to an unhealthy lifestyle.
    • Effective cleansing procedures you can do each day include deep breathing, exercising to increase circulation, wearing natural-fiber and loose-fitting clothing, sweating, getting enough rest and anything that conserves energy can assist cleansing. This may include meditation, or just a relaxed lifestyle.
  • Cleansing can cause nutritional deficiencies. Many people are already deficient in essential nutrients, especially minerals. While some cleans­ing programs replace all necessary nutrients, most do not. Drinking juices, for example, does not necessarily replace a mineral such as zinc, which is low in most vegetables.
    • Bentonite clay and charcoal tablets bind nutrients and prevent the regular bowel move­ments.
  • Beware of claims. Many cleansing programs claim to eliminate worms and candid, In our experience, an unhealthy body supports parasites and they will be difficult or impossible to eliminate. A healthy body does not support yeast and parasites. One should maintain cleanli­ness and hygiene, but regular worm purges may not be needed.
    • Another claim is that you can completely clean out your body in six or twelve weeks of cleansing. However, it is well proven that to eliminate toxic metals such as cadmium may require up to several years. The heavy metals are simply too toxic to be eliminated any faster. Imagine how long it takes when there are a dozen toxic metals present, as well as other toxins stored in our body tissues.
  • Cleansing products can have toxic effects. Bentonite is very high in aluminum. Some anti-parasite herbs may be toxic for some people. It is not simply worms dying that can cause a reaction.
  • Diets and other products can worsen health. For example, juice fasts and low-protein diets may worsen sugar intolerance. Highly alkaline vegetable diets can imbalance chemistry. Low-fat diets can speed up the oxidation rate and worsen deficiencies of the essential fatty acids. Herbs or other products can unbalance the oxidation rate in some people.

In summary, nutritional balancing programs are powerfully oriented toward cleansing by balancing body chemistry. This enhances cellular energy production. The body uses some of that energy for eliminating all types of toxic material. We also recommend supplementary nutrients that function as 'cleansers'.

Additional cleansing procedures may also be helpful and even life-saving, provided one observes the cautions listed above. Used correctly, they can assist the functions of the eliminative organs - the liver, skin, kidneys, lungs and colon.

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