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High Blood Pressure

High Readings - Loss or Toxicity

How Long to get Well




Immune System



Insomnia - Narcolepsy and Sleep Apnea

Insomnia and the Oxidation Rate

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Kidney Disorders

Leg Cramps, Muscle Cramps and Restless Legs


Menopause - Additional Information

Mercury Detoxification

Mineral Patterns - All-Four-High Electrolytes

Mineral Patterns - All-Four-Low Macro Minerals

Mineral Patterns - Calcium/Magnesium Ratio

Mineral Patterns - Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio

Mineral Patterns - High Sodium/Potassium Ratio

Mineral Patterns - Low Sodium/Potassium Ratio

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscle Problems


Oxidation - Types

Oxidation - What is Oxidation

Parkinson's Disease

Phosphorus Readings

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Prostate and Impotency Problems

Protein Catabolism

Protein - Why We Need It

Pure Water

RDA vs Supplement Dosages

Replacement Therapy

Respiratory Conditions

Retest Interpretations

Skin Conditions

Sleep-The Silent Healer

Slow Oxidation

Slow Oxidizer Diet

Soy Protein


Taking Additional Nutritional Products - Part 1

Taking Additional Nutritional Products - Part 2

Thyroid Activity

Tooth Decay and TMJ Pain

Toxic Metals and Hair Testing

Toxic Metals - Hidden

Toxic Metals - Sources


Validity of Hair Analysis


Vision Problems

Vitamins and Nutritional Balancing

Weight Gain - Inability to Lose Weight

Why Recommend Minerals When The Hair Mineral Level Is High?

Why Use A Tissue Mineral Analysis?

Why Use Hair Analysis

Yeast Infections