Hair, Skin, Nails and Hair Analysis

Many people are interested in improving their appearance. How can nutritional balancing help improve skin, hair, fingernails and overall appear­ance?

Healthy Hair And Protein Metabolism

Hair and nails are made of protein. One reason for falling hair, brittle hair or unmanageable hair is poor protein metabolism. Eating too little protein or eating poor quality protein, can adversely affect the skin and hair. Products applied to the hair may help to some degree, however, diet, digestion and utilization of protein must all be corrected for best results.

Many people are on low-protein diets, perhaps for weight loss, or as 'cleansing diets'. The most common hidden reason for following a low-protein diet is copper toxicity. There are several reasons for this:

  • Copper toxicity often causes a distaste for protein, especially animal protein. Eating animal protein in particular, tends to cause an elim­ination of copper, which may cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms.
  • In addition, copper toxicity results in dimin­ished appetite, which can reduce the desire for protein foods.
  • Copper-toxic individuals often suffer from low blood sugar. Their low blood sugar level causes them to crave sweets and refined carbohy­drates all the time.
  • Many copper-toxic individuals are susceptible to anxiety attacks due to the effects of copper on the nervous system. Eating protein tends to speed up the oxidation rate. This can tempor­arily cause more anxiety due to the effect of the amino acids tyrosine and phenylalanine in protein foods. The eating of carbohydrates, on the other hand, stimulates serotonin, a neuro­transmitter that has a calming effect.
  • Slow oxidizers and copper-toxic individuals usually produce insufficient hydrochloric acid in their stomach. Without sufficient stomach acid, they are less able to digest protein. The end result is a feeling of heaviness in the stomach together with gas and bloating.

Zinc deficiency, anxiety at mealtime and other nutritional imbalances also result in impaired protein digestion and utilization. This means the body cannot break down proteins and utilize protein properly in the body.

Copper, Falling Hair, Blotchy Skin and Stretch Marks

In addition to copper's effect upon dietary preferences, excessive copper has a destructive effect upon protein structures in the body.

Proteins have complex structures, including a tertiary structure involving sulfide-sulfide bonds. Copper, in excess, can disrupt these bonds. Cop­per also interferes with zinc metabolism in the body. Zinc is required for an enzyme called RNA transferase. A deficiency of this enzyme causes inadequate synthesis of essential proteins in the body, which can detrimentally affect hair and nails.

Copper imbalance can also cause blotchy skin and skin that fails to tan properly. A zinc defi­ciency can result in stretch marks.

Slow Oxidation, Dry Skin And Hair and A Ruddy Complexion

Many people complain of dry skin and hair. A deficiency of essential fatty acids may result in dry skin and hair, as well as flaking and rashes on the skin.

In many cases, a slow metabolic rate causes skin problems. An important sign of low thyroid activity is dry and brittle hair. Skin tone is also reduced. Over 80% of adults have low thyroid and adrenal activity, as revealed on hair mineral analyses. The above problems can be helped through a nutritional balancing program.

Poor circulation and sluggish liver activity often cause very slow oxidizers to have a pale or yellowish skin color. Anemia due to iron or copper imbalance is another cause of a pale or pallid skin color.

Fast oxidizers are prone to excessive oiliness of the skin and hair. This problem can be cor­rected by normalizing the oxidation rate through a scientifically designed nutrition program. Fast oxidizers generally have a ruddier complexion and moist skin.

Ridged And Broken Nails

Ridges on the fingernails, white spots and nails that are weak or brittle are often indicators of various nutritional deficiencies. White spots may indicate a zinc deficiency. Ridges often relate to iron and calcium imbalances. Problems of protein metabolism often result in weak or brittle nails.

Dark Circles And Bags Under The Eyes

Fatigue and allergies often cause bags and dark circles under the eyes. Adequate rest and a healthful lifestyle are important. A nutritional balancing program can help correct the underlying causes of allergies.

Energy And Beauty

Energetic people tend to be more attractive. They often have better posture, a better disposi­tion and have a healthy glow. Eating only high-quality food and taking the correct supplements can be a key to enhanced energy and general health. This will go a long way toward enhancing beauty and one's sense of self-esteem. Even a person born with undistinguished features becomes far more attractive when his or her energy level is high.

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